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About me

Osama Deep is an artist and Game developer based of Istanbul-Turkey. who handles both digital art and Game Development. Born in 1984, he grew up designing and has been doing it ever since. Currently working as a Game Developer he uses his free time to create learning videos based on everything and anything that he likes. From gaming to programming to Design, his videos and articles is always full of energy and movement .



  • 2002-2006 B.Sc. Computer Science, Zarqa University – Jordan


  • 2017 – Now : Founder of 6wrni , e-learning website uses Gamification to encourage students learning game development in interactive way, it oriented to Arabian students.
    • 2010 – 2019 : Red Shark Studio, Co-Founder Doing 3d mobile games and some VR demos.
    • 2006 – 2008 : Rubicon For Multimedia 3d Game designer, doing 3d models for games.


  • 2017 : Unity Certified Developer Unity
  • 2011 : 3Ds Max BrainBench 
  • 2007 : UML Smart Computer Solutions
  • 2006 : CCNA Cisco 
  • 2005 : Microsoft Visual c# .NET , Jitawi center
  • 1999 : Computer A+ Alsahim